About Us

About us

BasuOns Financial Co. (P) Limited is well established profit making and a well diversified in terms lending financial institution founded on April 1994, under company act 1956 with its Registration No : 11-77470, 1994 (Mumbai) and later on the basis of company good policy, transparency, financial development etc. having its R.O at Nagpur with a Group of Professional team. The Principal business BasuOns Co. in the provision of medium and Long – term investment and financing leasing engaged in the field of corporate investment/deposit and finance, Mobilizing funds in High Growth Sectors like

  • Vehicle Loan/Finance
  • Capital Market
  • Gold Investment/Loan Market
  • Invest in Bank FD’s, Mortgage Loan on Gov. Securities, Micro Finance etc.

And in deposit & Saving Sector company have all types of product like – FD’s, RD’s, Daily Collection, Monthly Collection, Future Plan, Pension Plan, Children Education Plan, Draw Bhisi, Diwali Fund, Gold Fund etc.

And DHAN 25saa/30saa/40saa is one of the unique products of the company between 20 different types of product of the company. Unique monopoly plan and continues a Market leader. And our joined members is from government employees likes,(Railways, WCL, BSNL, Corporation and other government organization, doctors, engineers, C.A’s, professional, businessman, students, LIC agents, housewife, retired persons etc.

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