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h Welcome to Basuons Financial Co. Since 1994.
Basuons Financial Co. (P) Limited” is well established profit making and a well deversified in terms - lending financial Institution. Basuons Financial Co. founded on April 14, 1990, and later on it was corporated in March 31, 1990, under the India companies Act 1956 with its Registration No: 11-77470, 1994 (Mumbai) having its Registered offfice at NAGPUR with a Group of Professional team .

s Mission & Vision
h Mission
"To provide unique solutions to meet customer
specific needs, given time and resource parameters"
u Vision
“Be a Globally Competitive and Successful,
Cross-Segment Focused, Financial Services Group”
l Investment Sector
c Fixed Deposit
b Loans
n Vehicle Loans / Finance
l Capital Market
h Bullion Market
o Mortgage Loan on Govt. Securuties